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Building inclusive communities in the collegiate space through esports and video games. 

Mission Statement

The Canadian Collegiate Esports League (CCEL) is an intercollegiate organization governed by a group of Canadian post-secondary institutions. The CCEL is proud to host events catering to individuals belonging to a wide range of skill levels, with opportunities for everyone from beginners to experts in a given title.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the CCEL esport events?Participants must be affiliated with a Canadian institution, such as current postsecondary students and alumni.

My school logo is not listed, can I not participate?I

Where do I register?The school's logo will take you to it's portal on GYOScore where you will register. An admin will review your application and approve you. Please be sure to fill out the registration as this will help make things easy for the admin.

How will we communicate?Tournament communication will be done primarily through the CCEL discord channel. A widget with the discord server is placed in the institution's GYO portal.

What are the rules?Rules will be posted in the institution's GYOScore portal.

Who do I contact if I have questions about CCEL?If your institution in learning more about CCEL or joining, then contact us at